Willow (to be sung in ‘consider yourself’ Oliver twist song’

The art full dodger at your service, better me known to some of me more intimate mates as willow, pleased to meet you, now…

Consider yourself at ‘ome, consider yourself one of the family, I’ve taken to you so strong, its clear, we’re, going to get along.

Right after I dodge these 4 electric wires to eat the grass outside, you can tack me up and tack me down and ride me around, while my mane blows all around.

I’ve done pony club and trails, I’ve hooned around all the paddocks, my form of jumping is to knock the poles off and step over them on the ground. Beginners are my favourite I love to take care of you if you’re scared of me that’s ok you’ll learn I’m a pretty cool dude.

I love to be pampered up and spoilt lots so give me bubble baths. If you love me up ill love you back no matter what just please share with me your food.  I might be short and fat, but it’s all right because I’m cool with that. I love to eat carrots but anything will do for me.

In wintertime I’m fluffy in summertime I’m dappled I love to roll around. I’m what they likes to call the perrfffect kids pony so if you want to have a go  - even if it is for the first time – I’m your man !!!

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