ZAC (bio to be read in David Attenborough voice )

I’m Northern Xanthus the Third... (Zac, if you must)

My owners say I’m 17 and need to be treated with white silk gloves, but at heart I will always be a young and dashing flashy chestnut gelding.  Not that I’m ageing ungracefully thankyou very much I see my self as a fine wine, only getting better with age!

Those crazy owners I was talking about before conspire and call me fluffy and say that I’m ‘BIG BONED!’ HOW RUDE! I’m pretty sure my Daddy Falkland Victory and my Mummy Northern Fandango told me that I’m pure warm blood, meaning I’m not as heavy as one of those cart horses, poor fellows but neither am I light like a race horse young whippersnappers.

I may run in the “high” society gentle mans club, strictly for 17 hand high gents and over but don’t let my social circle fool you I’m really a smashing chap. I would enjoy a cold whisky over ice but I settle for sugar cubes or carrots to soothe a hard days work as my once again nit-witted owners believe this is more species appropriate.

I am quite the handy man, daily I construct my very own sun lounge in the dirt near my stable and either sunbake or nap, completely dishevelling my newly cleaned complexion and clothing

When I’m not living the lap of luxury I am competing FEI Grand Prix on a national stage my previous owner an I won the Aachen challenge twice you know. I’m ranked actually, I think you’ll find 37th on a international scale of FEI grand Prix horses for under 25yr riders to be exact.  That’s enough about me that girl with the bright red hair is getting closer and closer with that halter best be off!!

… Oh wait she has a carrot.

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